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Treasury Department

Treasury is a very important component of the country's Financial System. All financial transactions of the state government are mainly carried out through the treasuries. Treasury is also the basic unit and focal point for recording the initial financial transactions of the government and is the main starting point of public accounts. As such the data entered at the treasuries needs to be managed properly and efficiently for better results, and account information needs to be provided in proper time and formats for a robust financial system.


Treasury Linkages


As an integral part of the Finance role of authorizing, distributing and accounting the payments & receipts of behalf of Bihar State Government It also responsible of disbursing the pension payments and are primarily linked with the Directorate of Accounts & Treasuries, District Treasury & Sub-Treasury Offices, the Finance Department, the User Department, Pensioners, Accountant General's Offices, RBI and SBI and other designated banks.


The Finance Department plays a vital role in overall prosperity of the state by implementing innovative revenue earning process & proper fund management. It is also responsible for fostering fiscal discipline in the site. The treasury offices are required to maintain up-to-date records of each and every financial transaction of the Government after careful scrutiny related to budget provisions etc. The User Departments handle their expenditure under various budget heads through the DDO's and are required to reconcile the figures with the AG Office. The AG office is the record keeper of all the receipts and payments it receives from the treasuries and the user departments. Finally, the banks are responsible for making the payment and receiving revenue receipts on behalf of the State Government.

AC Drawles Bill From Siwan Treasury
(From 01-10-2011 to 31-03-2013)

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